I have running GMS 3.0.1 on Win 2003 in a XEN enviroment.
German Language
GW 7.0.3 HP1 on Netware 6.5 Sp4 cluster

I ve upgrade to 3.0.1 course of the key issue of the E71 ( keys description are moved 90 ndegrees in display at 2.0.3 client )

I have some users (management) with big Mailboxes.
Mails are synced and pushed.
Calendar apointments are all shown in the GMS Server Web interface but not all are synchronised to the E71 device.

Fine Tuning with TID 7002167 and 70000391 seems to make it better but not fixed it.

The issue apears at our CFO device so I get a little bit pressure ;)

Fine Tuning is still in the allowed size see following

Ordner Eintrge Gre Zulssige Gre
Kalender 9.675 1,1m 2,4m

Can anybody give me a tip or solution

Thanks for help and please ignore some spelling mistakes.
thanks from germany

PS: I personal using a Nokia E51 and its running fine.