with a BM3.8 Server I tried several things with iManager and vpncfg to
establish a site 2 site legacy VPN connection.

Finally I removed the VPN Server through iManager and removed the VPN
Configuration through VPNCFG.NLM. Both ended with success messages
("deleted" vs. successfully removed)

Now there still remains the Board VPTUNNEL, visible in inetcfg and with
this persistend error message after every reboot and a reinitialize

3/03/2005 16:06:03 : IPXRTR-6.70-101
Information for WAN call VPTUNNEL@<masters-IP> was found in LSPSTAT.CFG,
but matching information was not found in the CSL database. Information
for this WAN call entry will be ignored. This can occur when configuring
WAN calls under low memory conditions.

So how to completely clear all the remains from the former VPN setup?

Thanks, Rudi.