currently i have a 5-node netware 6.5SP8 cluster. For Disaster recovery at a second site i ordered a few nodes for failover.
The cluster is a mixed cluster with GW, DNS/DHCP, NSS etc..

For the new nodes i would like to go for SLES10 SP2 or later version..

Is it possible to add this to the existing netware cluster (and slowly but surely migrate the resources to the new nodes, so i can reinstall the netware nodes with suse also) I guess for nss resources this will be fine, but GW??!

another question..
For DR we mirrored all our lun's of the cluster. what's the best way for automatic failover when storage becomes unavaiable? Network and storage wise everything is setup fine, now i just need a solution for automatic failover.. can (PlateSpin) Orchestrater help us out here??