I have the same problem as Rick Miller in the thread starting on
16.01.2005 - with the difference, that I do not want to delete the VPN
server configuration because I want to use C2S VPN services.

The com.novell.scm.ServiceConfigurationManager Java application of BM
3.8 Sp2 FP3D constantly increases Small Memory Allocations by a rate of
32 MB per 24 hours, so you can count how much days you have until you
have to restart VPN services. This eating up of memory even occurs if
there is absolutely no activity at the VPN services, that is if you do
not even have a single VPN connection after starting the VPN services.

At the VPN side there is just configured a C2S service with only (during
the test phase) 2 users allowed to access the services either via
certificate or NMAS authentication. Server is NW6.5 Sp2 EDir
NICI 2.6.5 NMAS 2.3.6 security update 7 and running TCPIP stack of
657jb/NICI. All other BM services (proxy, filtering) are working without

Anybody else, who can verify this behaviour or giving me tips to solve
this problem.

W. Prindl