after upgrading a BM3.6EE Server to BM3.8 on a NetWare 6.0.5 Server I
cannot access the iManager 2.0.2. https://<ip>/nps/iManager.html and
https://<ip>/nps/servlet/configure are not accessible. I get the SSL
certificate and thats it (page cannot be found).

nvxadmup loads apache successfully, it shows to bind to 443, 2200,
others. I can see it listening in tcpcon.

If I understood correctly in Craigs Book [1] I *MUST* have an iManager
2.0.x to configure the BM3.8, iManager 1.5.x will not do it, right?

As I (for this week) give up to fix this iManager access problem I
right now want to setup a NetWare 6.5 Server in a temp tree, as cross
tree management is possible, right?

Craig just states "Alternatively, you can install iManager 2.0 from the
Companion CD to a NetWare 6.0 server, or a Windows 2000 or XP PC, add
the VPN snapins, and use that to configure BorderManager 3.8 VPN."

Where to get the iManger VPN Snapins? After the upgrade
sys:public\brdrmgr\*.* still holds the setup routine for the prior
BM3.6EE snapins to NWAdmin.

Thanks, Rudi.

[1] Beginners Guide to BM3.x, BM3xrev3a.pdf, Page 91, Topic 12.)