Hello All,

We are in process of moving to GW 8. I am trying to push out the new install using the groupwise.MSI and a .MST created with the GWTuner program. We also use Altiris as our deployment method for new or updated software.

When I run the install job from Altiris, GroupWise installs just fine (no errors at least), but it doesn't copy the program icons to the "All Users" profile and it also isn't registerd in the Add/Remove Programs applet. Even though the program works for the end user, I'm cautious about rolling this out to the whole company for fear of other issues coming up down the road.

My install job runs via a batch file and the command lines look like this:
msiexec /i \\<server name>\GroupWise8\client\win32\groupwise.msi TRANSFORMS=\\<server name>\GroupWise8\client\win32\groupWise.mst /qb

The job also runs under one of our service accounts that has domain level rights over the server share and the local machine.

This is the first time we have tried to roll-out a GW upgrade using the MSI, so am I missing something? Anyone else have similar quirks with the GW8 Install.