Easy question.

NW6 SP3, BM 3.7 SP1, runs like a champ.

My boss was looking through Coolsolutions and got the bright idea to use
Nsure Audit to store BM logs in SQL (THANKS coolsolutions, *sigh*).

Among other things, this requires BM3.8 to be installed. OK, so I need to
upgrade, fine. Pains me to do this, as the BM box has been so stable under

Anyway, my question is this. The documentation seems to state BM 3.8 will
run ok under NW6, but I read the forums and everyone keeps saying going to
NW6.5 then upgrade to 3.8 (even in the case of NW6 already being on the
box), do I need to really goto NW6.5 to run 3.8? Are there more stability
concerns running NW6 and BM3.8?