Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

If I have a standalone oes2 linux image server and want to restore an image to a workstation, I need to use " img restorep img_server_ip //img_server/media/nss/NSS_volume/path_to_image/imagefile.zmg".

But my question is, if my imaging server is actually running on an oes2 clustering, say the imaging clustering server ip is "img_cluster_server_ip" and I have created an NSS_Volume on the clustering server to hold the image files, do I still need to use "img restorep img_cluster_server_ip //img_cluster_server/media/nss/NSS_volume/path_to_image/imagefile.zmg"? Any reason why I couldn't just use "img restorep img_cluster_server_ip //img_cluster_server/NSS_volume/path_to_image/imagefile.zmg"?

Is it because this whole img stuff are linux and they don't understand the folder/volume sharing on the server?

Any idea or explanation is appreciated.