I have a netware 6.0 server running Tomcat 5 behind a BM3.7 server. I have
been running this setup for six months without issue. I add some https pages
to the website and configured the server.xml to use port 8443 for SSL. I
added an exception to BM for port 8443. The private IP address is connected
to the public address via BM http acceleration. I also added an entry here
for port 8443.

Tomcat seems to be configured correctly. I can access the entire site though
its private IP address. I can access the http (non-SSL) pages through its
public address but not the https pages. I have tried to use the public
address from inside our network and outside the network. The access though
the public address is the same (http pages OK, https pages don't work).

Any ideas on what to check or what I have missed.

Thanks in advance.