I appear to have an issue with an Exchange server running behind my BM38
firewall that I can't get fixed. I need to settup a Microsoft (I know, I
hate that word too) ISA server somewhere and wanted to know if it would work
back to back with the BM server. Right now my BM server has proxy, firewall
and VPN services rnning on it and I was trying to put this ISA server just
after the BM server. I'm not suer if these two are compatible in this
config so I thought I might ask. The other option was for me to run them
side by side and just route my mail through the ISA server if this is
possible. Any questions or comment are welcome. I've been having issues
with my exchange server and I feel the ISA server is the only hope and I
don't want to take away my BM server. Any help is appreciated.