At my wits end on this one. Newly loaded NW6.5 SP8 single server with all post-SP8 patches applied, including "iPrint update for NetWare 65 Support Pack 8" . Every time I try to access the Broker or Print Manager in iManager I get the following error and can't proceed to do anything:

Exception reading broker information
NDPS Library Error Category: 100000Dh
Other Error: 8915h

iManager is
iPrint Plugin is

I have deleted & re-created the broker & manager many times. I have rolled back the iManager plugins to SP7 versions. I have applied, removed and reapplied iprntnw65sp8a. I've researched TIDs till my eyes hurt. Tried a few other recommendations but no improvement. NDS health checks look fine also.

I have created brokers and managers in NWAdmin. Same results. They both load from the console fine, but when I go to the print manager properties in NWAdmin it says it's down even though it's loaded fine, so I can't create PAs or do anything else. Still can't do anything in iManager. All our printing is down right now so any help would be great.