4.91sp5 Client with post-sp5 patches, on Windows XP.

I am trying to configure an unattend.txt installation that has two
contexts. I have no problem getting the unattended installation to
work correctly as far as setting up the two contexts, except for one
thing-- I cannot get the Location List to appear on the login screen.
This is controlled by
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Login\Location], with 0 being no
list displayed and "1" showing the list. If I merge the above key
after installation the location list displays perfectly, but without
the post-installation key merge I have no location list showing.

Is there a way to set this in the unattend.txt? I have configured the
client correctly and imported the registry keys (in NCIMan) but do not
see the Location List value anywhere in NCIMan.

Is there a way to control Location List displaying using unattend.txt?