Hi all--

Layout: ZfD 7 on NetWare 6.5 SP8 servers. One root inventory server with
database and attached workstations, 8 leaf servers w/o databases. Minimal
number of workstations at sites with leaf servers (10-20 PCs).

When I check Status Report-->Server Status on Inventory Service object on my
leaf inventory servers, I am seeing the following error:

Source: Sender
Message Type: Error
Message: 335: Socket Input-Output error occurred while getting the

Per ZfD Mgmt/Troubleshooting guide, checked that next-level Inventory server
was up-and-running, reachable (via ping), no firewall between across
communcation channel, etc. Also, changed server name to IP address in
roll-up policy.

Suspect my problem is with Zenworks Web Server. When I look in tcpcon on
root server, I do not show listening on port 8089. Also, am not certain
about the ZEN Web Server component. I did not see this component mentioned
in the docs. Not sure how to manually start/stop ZEN Web Server to check.
Am I missing something painfully obvious?!!



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