Ok, here's the deal. From another discussion I had posted, we have come to the conclusion that I need to apply sp3 to my BM3.8 server. While I am reluctant to do this to the live server due to sp2 bombing my test server at one time, I decided to build a lab server (NW6sp4) to test sp3. I got the server built (it's the 2nd server in the tree so it has a replica) and I have browsing working. I then proceeded to update ds to 8.7.1, install JVM and iManager 2.0.1 so that I can setup VPN. Well, the problem started with iManager. I cannot connect to it. I followed the document (tip #74) written by Craig step by step (just like I did on my production server), but I get a 504 error. I've had the proxy set on my browser and I have turned the proxy setting off, both with the same error. I have NAT enabled on the public interface (both static and dynamic), I have nat dynamic mode set to pass thru and I have Nat implicit filtering turned off. I have also rearranged the tcpip.cfg file to ensure that the private card is getting bound first. After running out of ideas, I decide to apply sp3 anyway thinking maybe it will fix the iManager problem and my original problem. Well, I apply sp3 and now I cannot browse the web at all and iManager still doesn't work. I uninstall sp3 and I can now browse the web again. I'm going to tear the whole thing down and start over, but I'm wondering if I missed something?

Any ideas? Thanks!