How many people out there are using the client firewall from Novell? Been running it on my laptop for about 3 weeks with XPSP2 firewall completely disabled. So far I have to say 2 thumbs up for another good Novell product. Not only has ads spyware and all the usual horsepuckies disapearedbut I swear I've noticed a significant performance improvement in general application response and internet downloads. (I'm sure FireFox 1.0.1 has help a bit too in the later part).

I was wondering what the plan is for this client? Will it be incorporated into the BM product for corporate roll out? Will it also be marketed for individuals? Both should be a yes in my books.

In consideration of XPSp2 firewall. If some are considering diabling for use of another, I noticed a little anomoly as I'm sure others may have as well. When you diable the sp2 firewall through the security centre, it doesn't "fully" disable it. Prior to the Novell Client firewall I had disabled Sp2's firewall for testing purposes (blocked application), the application was still blocked. Under the advanced tab, I noticed a section "Windows firewall is enabled on the connections below". Disabled all and wouldn't you know the application worked. So make sure you uncheck everything under the advanced tab.

Now just to find a way of uninstalling the SP2 firewall without uninstalling sp2. Would have been nice if the yakaboxes over in Redmond or whatever planet they came from, would have given you the choice during installation.Guess that's what we get for buying software from MacMicrosoft. <g>

Martin Stepanek, CNE
Barrie, Ontario Canada