I'm still unclear about migrating the DHCP server setups when I migrate
to a new server (using the migration tool). Netware 6.5 SP7 both sides
of it, replacing slowly-failing hardware.

It appears to me that I should be installing DHCP server on the target
server -- doing so is not a problem -- but I'm unclear as to what needs
to be migrated, and how, re. the DHCP configurations (scopes etc.) I am
only offered file migrations on the source server, no other objects as
most items are from the container above the server and/or located on
another server. So are there files I should be copying to transfer DHCP
server functionality, or is there a fix I should make after-the-fact
using DHCP Admin or Console1?

For example, apparently to migrate Groupwise functionality and have it
work properly, I need to install the product on the target server, even
though I can bring over configuration & email database files; the
migration doesn't recognize in some way that Groupwise server services
are running, so I'd have to otherwise manually identify all files to
move & try to reconstruct it.

Similarly, the question here is for the DHCP server: how do I ensure
the migration to the new server, what should I copy, what should I back
up? Or am I stuck with a post-migration run of DHCP admin & re-defining