Hello everyone....

I'm using the NAL Explorer to uninstall an agent on all my workstations.
After that is done, I want to use the NAL explorer to install a newer
version of the same agent, but I want to make sure that the workstation has
been rebooted at least once before the installation of the new agent

And there is a couple of complicating factors:

1. The uninstall and reinstall are completely silent. The user doesn't even
know that it is happening and I don't want them to so, so forcing a reboot
is not an option.

2. The staff come and go a lot. I don't have any control over when the
uninstall and the reinstall will happen so I can't put any kind of fixed
date into the process.

Any suggestions....??

Thanks in advance..


Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa