I'm experiencing problems with the SP8 again. I wanted to upgrade a server without any SP to SP8 and, well, I got it working, more or less.
New plan now: Running the NW6.5 in XEN. The testservers I've got here, and the mayor part of our productive servers don't support Vanderpool. That's why I have to use the SP8. Nevertheless I've got it running on OpenSuse 11.1 . I downloaded the overlay DVD for SP8 and the installation starts sucessfully with it.
During the installation, some files have to be copied again. ("Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten", in english it means something like "An error ocurred", there are no further descriptions.) And then while copying the file \NLS\RUSSKI\MAP.MSG the whole VM hangs...

I'm using the SBS 6.5 again.

Thanks. :)