We are moving from GW 7 to 8. Our client versions will be moving from 7.0.3 to 8. In testing the roll-out of the new client I have seen some strange behavior when compared to our 7.0.3 install.

No matter how I install the program (with either the standard SETUP.EXE or the .MSI), GroupWise only registers with the account and profile that it was installed with. This means that the program icons/shortcuts and the Add/Remove programs listings only appears under the single profile. The older version would register and install to All Users.

I can create a batch file to copy over the program icons to the All Users profile, but the most annoying thing is that you now have to login with the account that did the initial install in order to uninstall the program. This will cause issues with our HelpDesk processes if they need to work on a single workstation, since we are using a domain level service account to perform the initial install.

Installs I have tried, all with the same result noted above:

1. Groupwise.msi with a .MST file created with GWTuner.
2. SETUP.EXE with a modified SETUP.CFG in the same folder.
3. Manually running both the SETUP.EXE and .MSI directly from the SDD folder.

Is anyone else seeing this? Am I doing something wrong?