We have an SmallBuisiness Server with Groupwise and BM3.8. installed on
the same server.
Now we would have access from the internet to Groupwise Webaccess.
We have a fixed IP and the router redirects the ports 80 and 443 to the
extern server ip.
At the Moment we access the Groupwise-Webacces from intern with the
intern ip of the server. (the extern ip also works from intern).
From outside we dont get the webinterface with the extern ip or the DNS-
Name of the server.
what we have to do to have Groupwise webaccess over ssl (port 443) from
outside (the internet).
Intern it works.

By the install of webaccess we used following parameters:
WebAccess-URL: http://10.0.0.xxx/servlet/webacc
Standardseite ersetzen: Nein
Webkonsole aktivieren: Ja

Volker Busch