We are getting the following error followed by an abend when we do an unattended full repair.

Server-5.70-834 [nmID=2000D]
Function Free received an invalid pointer 0x006E006F

The error occures early in the process stopping DSrepair at the root of the tree and locking up the server

It happens when we do an Unattended full repair. The same error has occured on 3 seperate servers. We are doing an unattended full repair becacuse we want to use the migration wizard on one of the servers and it is recommended practice. We are using Nw65sp6, Zenworks65sp2ir2 and Edir 8.8...we cant update eDir any further because of our version of Zenworks.

Any sugestions as to how to pinpoint the location of the problem and fix it would be greatly appreciated. Attached are abend logs from 2 servers combined into one file.