I'm using Novell Client 4.91 SP5 to connect to NetWare/eDirectory.

Because I'm using Windows XP Prof. and Linux on my Laptop I've installed ext3-Drivers for Windows (Ext2 IFS For Windows) which has been working perfectly. I've mapped an ext3-Partition to drive L: under Windows. Unfortunately drive L: is also mapped as my "home drive" with Novell.

So I've changed the local ext3-Partition from L: to Z: so that Novell can map to drive L: which it does. But as soon as I'm trying to acces the Novell mounts, Windows crashes with a bluescreen.

Deinstalling the Novell client yields error message "Ungltiges Laufwerk L:" (invalid drive L:) with an OK-Button and no more information.

So I remapped my local partition to L:, deinstalled the client (without problems), mapped the local partition to Z: and reinstalled the Novell client but the problem remained. Maybe because of registry entries?

Is there a way to really cleanly uninstall Novell client?

Thank you,