OK, tried some appliances that were supposed to make 2 ADSL lines look &
behave like one, but with BM 3.7 & NW 6.x none played ball.
So I have now 2 BM servers, each with each own ADSL connection from
different provider.

But that is still not a proper redundancy.
I have half of the users go through one proxy, other half through the second
Ideally if one connection goes down I change the login script, ask users to
restart machine, they get new proxy settings (well much easier this way than
ask them to change manually, after all they are only users!)

But the issue is with DNS.

I have internal DNS server that works great internally & behaves as
forwarder to my ISP DNS servers for external addresses.
But being NW server it can ONLY have one gateway (pointing to one of the BM
It has the IP of the ISP DNS servers for the appropriate connection.

Lets illustrate:
BM1 with ISP1
BM2 with ISP2
Internal DNS server with gateway pointing to BM1 server = ISP1 DNS1a & DNS1b
servers for resolution

Client 1 goes via proxy at BM1. ISP1 up, all works fine.
Client 2 goes via proxy at BM2. ISP2 up, but ISP1 down, no connection, as
DNS does not get resolved.

Sure, if ISP1 has got major problem, I change the gateway on internal DNS
server to BM2, change the DNS forwarders to ISP2 DNS servers, restart named,
all work.

But this is far from ideal.

The solution would be to have each BM NOT point to internal DNS server, but
its own IPS, but that is not neat

Any ideas anybody?