We are using a schooladministration program that’s hosted elsewhere. We connect by RDP to a W2003 server. Our network is Novell and we use iPrint/NDPS for printers on the workstations. With RDP to W2003 it is necessary that printer drivers are also installed on the W2003 server, then printing to iPrint printers is functioning.

The hosting firm is switching to W2008 server in a cluster and from now on the are using EasyPrint (XPS) in W2008 server. This is a different way of sending a printjob to the workstation and drivers are not needed at the server anymore. It works with local connected printers and Windows (tcp-ip)network printers on the workstation. It doesn’t work when I print to a iPrint printer. The problem is the way iPrint is handling this jobs: not handling these jobs even with iPrint Direct switched on.

Here is some more information about EasyPrint: Windows Server Terminal Services 2008: Easy Print - How does it work? - Windows Server 2008 blog by Kurt Roggen [BE]

I already tried output to EMF, iPrint Direct and disabling advanced printer options, but still without success.

It seems iPrint doesn’t support W2008 EasyPrint.

Anyone any tips how to solve this problem and make it work.