Is there anything new with Novell's mobile solution, even rumors? I ask
because I have been told (to much disappointment), that BES 5.0 for
GroupWise won't be released until fall of this year which struck me as being
unusual since it's been mentioned that the GMS replacement should be out in
the fall also.

Just from a email administrator's point of view who handles BlackBerrys and
all the other mobile devices, that's a lot to be working with upgrading BES
and then looking at a new mobile solution for all the other devices. My
priority will be making my BlackBerry users as happy as they are now, not
testing a new system. I knew BES 5.0 was coming out and I'm ready for that
but I assumed it would be out before Novell's other device solution would be
released but such appears to not to be the case.

Right now I'm not installing new users on my GMS esp as with newer devices,
I can't assure they will work without problems. Due to budget reductions,
my organization's stance on iPhones are that they are not supported (short
of IMAP email of course) which isn't the approach I like but I have no other
choice as those iPhone users want their calendar and contacts too!

Come on Novell, there's a lot of us who are struggling to keep GroupWise in
our business but when choices are made by the simplest of reasons such as
the boss has/wants a new PDA and current email system doesn't support it,
then he's going to ask "why not?" when he know that someone else at another
company using Microsoft doesn't have that problem. Honestly, if it wasn't
for RIM supporting GroupWise, my organization would have no reason to stay
with GroupWise and that's a very weak excuse but I keep my higher ups VERY
happy with BlackBerrys with BES but honestly, come on Novell, the people in
the trenches fighting the battles need help!