Has anyone ever had a problem with delivering a MSI NAL and not having the MSI switches apply properly?

Related NAL configurations:

In Run Options in Path to File = msiexec.exe
In Run Options Parameters = /i \\server\dir\files.msi /promptrestart
In Distribute Options\Options Reboot = Never
In Distribute Options\Options Prompt for Reboot = Prompt

If I test run the MSI from the command line with the switches they apply accordingly and prompted to restart. If I run the MSI package manually it stops at the end and prompts for restart. I have opened the MSI package and found no restart property settings. The NAL itself is set to Reboot Never and Prompt for Reboot.

From a NAL association the package does install and forces a reboot which finalizes the installation without any prompt. I want users to be able to control the restart.

I have recreated the NAL to ensure nothing is corrupt.

My next step is to repackage the MSI but if anyone has other suggestions that would of benefit I would appreciate it.