Situation: Novell 6.5 SP 2 server, 1 GB Memory, 10 GB SYS, 24 GB
Traditional cache volume, ONE Nic. I want to use this server only as
proxy server so I don't need a firewall or VPN.

When installing BM 3.8 I do the following:

I choose :
- BM Firewall / Caching services and NMAS.
- System requirements are OK.
- Logon as admin
- Define the one interface that I have as Private.
- Make a choice for proxy HTTP, FTP and Realvideo traffic.

Then the install starts and I get two errors:

1- "Error: Extending Novell Border Manager Schema in eDirectory:
insufficient rights"
2- "Error: Writing IP configuration into eDirectory".

I saw that I can fix this through NWADMIN.

Can anybode tell mee whats wrong?


Marcel de Jager