Ii just reloaded a computer yesterday and installed GWMessenger 2.0.4. The system is running WinXP SP2 and service pack 5 of novell client (if that matters).

The problem that im having is no matter who logs in on this computer messenger will disconnect then auto reconnect almost every 5 min. Reading around i found fixes for this using the trigger /conntimeout-0, but im not sure if this works with the windows client as it does nothing towards my issue. Iv tried 3 versions of messenger, iv tried switching this computer to a different switch, just in case it was dropping packets, but sigh, issue remains. In addition i did a constant ping of the server to view what was going on there, and what i noticed was as it worked normally the response from the server was 1 or <1ms, then out of the blue it will spike to 80ishms and messenger disconnects.

Its fairly obvious that messenger is timing out and that is causing the my issue.

Any suggestions?