Think I posted this on the wrong group the other day--
We are about to move our GW 7.0.3 setup to our new NOWS server from the old
NW6.5, this has been in the planning for quite some time. We are a long
long time DMS user and have docs stored in remote
storage locations due to volume storage size restrictions back in the day.
We have multiple libraries and some of our libraries are upwards of 60,000 -
documents each. We were just advised by our tech consultant to move all of
the documents
under the PO before the migration as the storage limitation is no longer an
issue. We were referred to TID 10100328. Always get good advice on the
forums, so - any comments appreciated. Is this really advisable for going
forward with GW? This is the first time it has been mentioned to me in all
of this planning.