Client - Novell for Windows SP2

I am using XP policies applied to workstation on login to regulate multiple environment changes but also a large list of application hashes to restrict users playing/ tinkering with the system.

Up until a few months ago all fine, now though, user environment changes (icons, start menu restrictions) all fine BUT.... 3 out of 10 logins will result in correctly applied hash restrictions!!! The rest they just do not apply any of them!

Very random and I have tried a few things with no changes, just more randomness. Is there a logfile somewhere on the file server I can dump here??

I have tried logging in with a live user on a used client machine and done the following;
- Assigned completely different policy to that user and added in a few test hashes (Still applied randomly)
- Changed run event login to refresh everyminute daily. (Desktop management showed it in there and applied. Refreshed, no change)
- Used another policy and assigned to user but cleared all hashes and started again. (Still random)

I have edited the policies on a machine running same OS, novell client etc. And not the machine being governed by these policies. Can anyone give me a nudge in a new direction??? Please... :D