Migration scenario but not a migration question...

I'm building an OES2 Linux box using the pre migration options in preparation for a transfer ID migration from NetWare.

I'm experiencing problems with the OES2 server to do with LUM not installing properly. This results in NAMCD not loading and problems with using eDirectory tools such as iMan and NSSMU that I need to use for the migration.

There's a TID which mentions running a command to re create the .der file, once I do this things look better, ie NAMCD will load. Trouble is there is no .der file to begin with so something is not right initially.

I'm worried that while this provides a fix that there are more problems with the install and this is only a symptom. I'd be much happier if I didn't have to recreate the .der file to get NAMCD to load, as it is supposed to be created as part of a healthy install.

From what I gather certs are usually the cause of issues like this, but all existing server certs are fine and the CA is fine too. What else could cause this problem with an OES2 Linux build? I've built the box a few times and the same thing happens.