I may have missed something in the documentation, TID's or this forum but I have found the following out about the timeframe in which bundles are launched which has left me puzzled.

I have created two Bat files which both launch the time command (shows the current time and leaves a Dos Box open, waiting for response) and set one to launch at user login and one to launch at zenworks login.

Neither launches until the desktop has finished loading and the one set for Zenworks login always launches first. The time shows that this can be up to 7 seconds before the user login.

The documentation states
User Login: A user logs in to the devices operating system
ZENworks Login: A user logs in to the ZENworks Management Zone

I thought that the above definition for user login would mean when the user logs in at the login prompt not after everything else including the user desktop has loaded.

Can anyone explain this behaviour, is it acting as designed or is it a bug.
Also if it acting as designed how do I get user associated settings applied before the desktop has loaded, the way you could in ZEN 7 using the scheduled action policy?