I hope there is someone who had this problem and/or has a sollution for this:

We are currently having a problem with the Zenworks Adaptive Agent.

How it should be;
In the status tab of the Agent's properties you can see information like Device address, device name, Device state, Last contact with server, next contact with server etc...
Normally the "Last contact with server" and "Next contact with server" are synchronised to the second with a difference of the full refresh time you set in the ZCM configuration.Example; if the Last contact with server time is 09:30:21 and the full refresh time is set to 2 hours, the Next contact with server time will be 11:30:21.

After we imaged a workstation everything works. Refreshing the device works, bundle assignments work, remote management works, logging in with different users(multiple user on a workstation) works, etc.

Now our problem;
All of the sudden the client looses his connection to the server. Sometimes immediately after login, sometimes after one hour, sometimes after 4 hours, sometimes one day, sometimes when an other user logs in...
Last contact with server doesn't change, Next contact with server does, but the workstation doesn't refresh. If I assign a new bundle, it won't show up. If I remotely want to control the device, I can't. If I want to unregister the device from the ZCM zone, it only can unregister locally. If an other user logs in it will get the Zenworks Agent Login box and if you cancel that you get the Local windows login.

What I tried;
I searched through log files, I tested bundles one by one with a reboot between each bundle to see if it was a bundle, I disabled, enabled, recreated policies, especially the DLU policy. I created a new clean user, I installed Windows XP from cd with only software what is nescesarry to run the Zenworks Adaptive Client. I checked our DNS configuration, rebooted the server and services, I searched this forum and even tried things that looked like our problem...all nothing...

Extra info;
There are currently 5 workstations working perfect which keep contact with the server, these are the first "test" workstations we imaged with ZCM10. Even after these are re-imaged, they still work!

Our server:
We are running ZCM 10.1.3 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 (i586) - Kernel It has a LDAP connection to our eDirectory (Linux Novell OES2 server)

Our workstation:
Windows XP SP3
3gb RAM
.Net Framework installed till 3.5 SP1
Novell Client
Zenworks Adaptive Agent 10.1.3

Any ideas are welcome and very appreciated.

Kind Regards and thank you for your time,