We have some servers with NW 6.5 SP7 and post patches. Most of them are working fine, only some have memory problems since the update to sp7.

All servers have antivirus (McAfee) and Netbackup loaded. I put all memory parameters back to default values as recommended.

The server which is crashing is the master eDirectory server (there are two others with r/w replicas of the whole tree and they do not crash).

The problem is, that the server works for more than a week and then it suddenly abends with the 'memory allocator is out of available memory' error message.

I tried out some things:

- turn off the 'auto tune server memory' parameter.
After that change the system was crashing in about 5-6 days.

- turn on the 'auto tune server memory' parameter.
Then the system was running for about 4-5 days and crashing then.

- turn on the 'auto tune server memory' parameter.
- put the fcsm parameter in CRON to put the value back to the max 2147483648 all 4 hours.
The system is running for just two weeks till it goes down.

I've read a lot of TIDs and found the seg.nlm to check out memory consumption. But I do not know how to adjust the values correctly.

Attached you find the segstats.txt. I started the tool with the max value and waited until the parameter was adjusted by the system. Then I wrote the segstats.txt

Hope you can tell me what parameters I have to change and on which value I have to put them.

Thank you in advance and kind regards