Hello all,

(Sorry for the long text...;)) :

I'm just trying to migrate applications from ZFD6.5/7 to ZDM10 (.1.3) and found already lots of pro and contras regarding the new version. After a few days of trying I found I have to touch every application after using the Migration Utility for several reasons. Actually, related to the topic:

Since ZFD6.x (we used ZFD2, ZFD3, now 6.5SP2/7.01) the "File Date before" was interpreted as "File Date before xxx or File does not exists", so compared to previous versions it was easier to write complex requirements (also with group functions), like:

"Novell Client installed"
AND "OS is Windows XP"
AND "File A exists"
(File A date before xxx OR
File B date before xxx OR
File C date before xxx OR
File D date before xxx)

I can use the requirements to determine the need of some upgrade, later I'm able to just change the dates or even add another file, I don't even have to take care if File B, C or D already exist. (Not to mention that I miss the "file version" :( )
As there seems to be no grouping/nesting (it's back to the old simple flat AND/OR known from ZFD3) the reqs above will result in a large expression, I've tried it using a simple app:

ZFD7 "Condition A AND (Condition B OR Condition C)" will migrate to
"(Condition A AND Condition B) OR (Condition A AND Condition C)" - so try to resolve it for the more complex example above. And now add the fact I would have to add "OR File B does not exist", "OR File C does not exist", "OR File C does not exist". Actually I would (have to) do this before migrating the application. Anyway after migration I still want to be able to add a requirement, but following the logic above I would have to add one of the "AND" condition to every filter set (?).
As said I'm still very new to ZCM10, so I believe the only way to handle complex things would be some export/import (I would die while clicking this in web interface...), I didn't take a look into this yet.

So...I would like:
1. to know if the "date before/after etc..." is working as designed
2. any suggestions for best practice on handling this requirement logic ;)

Thx in advance
Dirk Hmmer