I have a situation where We have a central site with four distribution hubs off of it. There are 5 ZCM 10.1.3 servers all running pdhcp and imaging. The
Central Site has never had an issue.

All four of the hub sites are getting failures on a daily basis where the preboot service stops. These are full fledged servers and all 5 are identical in setup other than the hubs joined the zone instead of creating it.

I get the following errors when I log in

Novell-ZMGprebootpolicy.exe encountered a problem and needed to close.
Zenworks Imaging server encountered a problem and needed to close.

I do not see anything in the logs but do not know if I ma looking at the right ones. Also there is a complaint in the Application log that the time is off from the database server but they are exact to the minute.

I have seen this posted elsewhere but have not been able to find it on the Novell Forums. Anyone else dealing with this?