I have read numerous threads on how to setup pure ftpd with OES2 sp1 and nss volumes. I have enabled the hardlinks to the volumes, I have LUM enabled the anonymous user 'ftp', and given it rights to the folder. When I go to the browser and type in ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx this is the screen I get:

FTP root at
To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

05/03/2007 12:00AM Directory .
05/03/2007 12:00AM Directory ..

I have changed all of the config files everywhere to make sure user can log on, change filenames, and whatever else has been written to do. I am not sure of how to preceed to check the problem. I changed the home directory of ftp user to be /media/nss/volch/images but I still can't see the directory. So, please help me so I can move my ftp to my new server. Edir sees the user, LUM, and the new volume. Thanks so much for any help. :)