I am looking to set up VPNs between two remote offices and our central
office. The network at the central office is set up as: internal
network -- BM 3.8 server -- Netscreen firewall (with NAT) -- Internet. One
of the remote offices is set up this same way. The other office is a home
office and is set up as: Work PC -- Netscreen firewall (with NAT) --

My choice is to use either the BorderManager VPN services or the Netscreen
VPN services. I am trying to determine if it would be best to use the
Netscreen VPN services and set up filter exceptions on the BM server to
allow the network traffic through, or should I use the BorderManager VPN
services and set up filter exceptions on the Netscreen firewall to allow the
VPN traffic to pass.

The Netscreen firewall does allow for IP address and Port redirection.

The home office user works in Windows most of the time but will
occassionally use Linux as well.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on the most appropriate way
to set up a VPN in this environment.

Thank you for your help,

Brad Johnson