My 3.2 server ran out of disk space and clobbered the simias.config file. I
gave it more disk space and restored the simias.config file and it seemed
like all was well. However, today we've discovered a problem with iFolders
that are shared to other users. It looks like each user can put new files in
the shared iFolder and they will sync to the server, but won't sync down to
others who share that iFolder. If I log in with WebAccess, I can see all
the files that the different users have uploaded.

So far, we've tried:
- Having a user revert their iFolder back to normal and then re-join the
- Stopping and restarting syncing of that iFolder
- restarting the server
- created a brand new iFolder and shared it out to see if it was just
something with existing shared iFolders. The users never received
notification that the new shared iFolder was available to them.
- uploading files with WebAccess to see if they get synced down with the
client. They didn't.

Nothing helped.

Any ideas on how we can get it healthy again?



p.s., I'm about to upgrade to 3.7. Is it more stable/robust/resilient? 3.2
has been very painful for us....