hi there,

unfortunately the License Report function (exports a csv file, which displays the current number of used licenses, to find in the Novell Administration Portlet under Reports, License Report) stopped suddenly to work/function.

i can click on the menu item and the corresponding windows starts to open, further more i am able to define a certain time period. Once i click "ok" (should be the kick off the generate the csv file, which then can be simply downloaded) nothing happens (apperently it tries something to load, or something else ... but there is no download context).

imho there has been no recent changes of the system (os-side && teaming side). The funny side of all this is, that especially this protlet feature already worked perfectly.

in addition to that, clicking the "non-functioning"-"ok" button, doesnt even print something in the catalina.out log.

i hope there is someone out there who can help me solve this mystery.