We are upgrading our older P3 Dell poweredge server running BM 3.7 and NW
6 to a newer hardware. The server we have available is quite a jump from
what we have but wanted to find out if it's a good match for a BM
server. I wanted to know of any specific issues with the NIC card or
what a good nic to use with BM is. Here are the spec's of the new server:

HP /compaq ML350 G4 XEON 3.4Ghz Processor, 4GB RAM, 146.8GB 15K SCSI
hard drives (qty: 3) Smart Array 641 SCSI controller with 64MB cache,
10/100/1000 NIC (I believe its a Brodcom model). So it only has one NIC
which is onboard I was thinking of using that for the private side. I
could either move the public card from the old server. This unit is an
Intel CE100B model or get a new NIC for public all together. I wanted
some suggestions on this and what has worked well for others.