I am checking to see if anyone has any ideas how we can deploy a new wireless client with pre-configured security setting to machines that connect only via wireless. What happens now is the computer will install the new wireless client fine, then it kills the connection to the internet and we cannot run run the tasks I configured to run after the install which configures the wireless client. I can get this same type of thing to work in Zfd 6.5sp2 but not zcm.

Here are the steps that need to be done:
1. Download 2 configuration files to local machine (adds wireless profiles to client after install, you cannot run these prior to installing client that does not work)
2. Install wireless client (after it installs the wireless client, the connection to the internet is broke which then the following 2 tasks do not run)
3. Run one of the files that were copied in step 1
4. Run the other file that was copied in step 1.

I was going to add reg key to runonce, but then our users would not be able to log on at the Novell gina, since they would not be connected to the new wireless. I also tried to push a simple batch file to logoff or shutdown folder (C:\WINDOWS\system32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts\S hutdown) but that did not work as the GroupPolicy we push might not allow it?

Any ideas would be helpful...thanks.