Master is Netware 6.5
Read/Write (partition) is NetWare 4.2
All servers have latest SP applied

Someone tried to incorrectly remove/delete the Netware 4.2 server and delete its associated partition container. The objects under the container show up in DSBROWSE but can't access them via Console1 or any other administrative tools. The users and objects diplay but the corresponding information shows up as unknown.

The users and objects in the partition container are still needed, thus the 4.2 server needs to be reinserted back into the Tree.

Following what TIDs I could find I get the following errors from the 4.2 server dsrepair utilities,

state: dying
could not connect to server error -622
could not find an address error -626

How can I get the 4.2 server back into the 6.5 Tree and preserve the users and objects that the 4.2 server still has?