Not sure if this should be here or in a edir forum but I'll start here.

NW6.5 sp6, nss volume, C136h.

Looked at folder cc40, it showed 2 groups and a user had R/F to the folder. Doing a show rights while in the groups confirmed they had access. Going into the user, did a show rights there and nothing was visible. Clicking add it would error "user already has rights" error.

Going back to the folder, we'd delete the users and group rights, close the properties page, wait a few minutes reopen and the user would be there. This also happened with this users rights to sub folders from cc40. On another server the same thing happens with user on the cc40 folder there.

As a side note, the rights don't seem to flow down almost like a irm is in place but there isn't.

We deleted the user, waited a while, re-created them and things "seem" to be ok with adding rights now. BUT now we get a Tree in the properties page of the folder (see attached picture). I've done vis rebuilds, used the trustee nlm to remove rights from the folder, dsrepaired, checked external references, etc.