I have a new server running BM3.8 S2S VPN and I need to know how to remove BM from my old server. I deleted the slave server via nwadmin (from the master server). I ran vpncfg and removed the vpn configuration. I deleted ipflt, ipflt32, ipxflt, filtcfg, filtsrv, vpmaster, vpmon, vpmcfg, vpninf, vpreg, vpregedt, vpremove, vpslave, vpstart, and vptunnel. Startbrd and vpslave were deleted from the autoexec.ncf file. Whenever I go into inetcfg, I receive two error messages regarding not being able to load vptunnel driver. Vptunnel still shows as a board under the boards section.

How do I completely remove BM from this former S2S slave vpn server? Do I need to follow the steps if the tcpip.cfg gets corrupt by deleting the tcpip.cfg file, unremarking out the NIC load lines in the autoexec.ncf and then reboot the server, go into inetcfg and say yes to transfer the bind commands to inetcfg from the autoexec.ncf?