We are running BM39SP1 on NW 6.5 SP7

I have run into a problem with migrating the proxy config for one of our BM servers. It would appear that it is related to the number of authentication contexts that need to be imported. The last part of the log is shown below.

Value: Dcntxlist Current Count :: 48
comapre value i:48
length :36
Value: Dcntxlist Current Count :: 49
comapre value i:48
length :38
Value: Dcntxlist Current Count :: 50
readallndsattr: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 50
readallndsattr: com.novell.bordermanager.proxy.migration.Dcntxtlis t.psprocessdcn
readallndsattr: com.novell.bordermanager.proxy.migration.BMAccess. psProcessParam
readallndsattr: com.novell.bordermanager.proxy.migration.BMAccess. readallndsattr
readallndsattr: com.novell.bordermanager.proxy.migration.BMAccess. migrateConfigu
readallndsattr: com.novell.bordermanager.proxy.migration.BMAccess. run(BMAccess.j
BMAccess Main: Failed to migrate Proxy Configuration
Failed. Migration did not complete successfully.
java: Class com.novell.bordermanager.proxy.migration.BMAccess exited successfull

It appears that for some reason the count for this is being set to 48; as we have more than 48 authentication contexts on this particular server we get the failure with an index out of bounds error.

From what I can see the proxy is working fine and dandy but I cannot manage the proxy config from iManager. While this is not a big issue at the moment as we don't need to make any changes at present I would like to get this fixed up soon.

There doesn't appear to be any way that I can reduce the number of authentication contexts to less than 48 before I run FILLATTR again. Is there a way to change the count from 48?

Alternatively, we do have another BM server which has far fewer Authenication Contexts. This has imported sucessfully. The only difference with this server is the number of contexts. All other proxy settings (and access rules) are the same. Is it possible to copy this servers config over to the "bad" server so that I can then edit the proxy config and add the additional contexts.