My Source server has User Quotas set and is using File Compression.
My Destination server doesn't have any Quotas set and won't be using
File Compression.

"Using the Migration Wizard for NetWare servers" says (under
"Preparing the destination Server" / "Install your NetWare"):

"Create your volumes to match the volumes you want
to migrate from the source server. However, if your
destination volumes are NSS volumes on NetWare 6.x
servers, do not yet enable user or directory quotas
on the volumes. Otherwise, the Migration Wizard may
run out of space when copying compressed files and
will create zero byte files. ** If quotas were used on the
source server, the migration wizard will automatically
enable quotas on the destination server in step 4 of
the migration." **

The last sentence concerns me . . . does this mean the Migration
Wizard will assign User Quotas even though I've taken the
precaution of not assigning them to the Destination server?
If so, how should one deal with the Source server's space limits
and the uncompressed files?