I would like to use BorderManager to set up some dial in access to our network. I have a digiboard and 4 Practical Peripheral 56K modems.

I don't want to do remote node or anything. I just want to let folks dial up, grab an IP address, and then use Go To My PC to remote control their desktop PC's.

I am not sure of the best way to set this up. So far I have configured PPPRNS and installed the Border VPN client on a laptop. I can dial in and do the handshake but the connection gets dropped immediately. I get an "LCP is Down: **Physical link down** Interface PPPRNS12, board 20" message. I am sure I have some configuration issues at the server and maybe on the client. I use the Netware name and password to login with and I know the user ID and password are valid.

Does anyone have any good step by step instructions on how to do this? Do I need to use something other that PPPRNS? Do I need the VPN client? Do I need to use Radius or something?

The documentation is not helping me very much and so far any of the TIDs that I have looked at only end up changing the error message but not the behavior.

Thanks a lot for any advice or help.

BTW: I am using NW5.1 SP8 and Border EE 3.7 with the latest SP.