I got a problem with a application ive allready distributed.
My "dependency chain"-shorcut looks like:
1. App_Install (a msi that installs the application, installs as ws, all works fine here)
2. App_addon1 (a msi that installs an addon to the application)
3. App_addon2 (another msi that installs another addon to the application)

the problem i have, is that "app_addon2" needs to be uninstalled, since its an addon that we dont have license to. and i need to replace it with a new addon that i have licence for "app_addon3" (a msi that installs an addon just like app_addon1 and app_addon2).
This "app_addon3" needs a patch to work: "app_patch" (a msi that installs a patch to get app_addon3 working).

All these msi-pakeges is made of the vendor.

i cant uninstall app_addon2 since you need to be administrator to do this (and there is no condition under the LaunchConditions-table in the msi that force you to be administrator to uninstall the application), even tho ive installed it with WS security space and try to uninstall it as WS (system user), but this fail with a zenworks msi-application.
instead ive made a vb-script. that runs an instance of a cmd-promt as admin together with the command line "Runas" and sending the password via the vb-script also. this works fine and i can make a "msiexec /x app_addon2 /qb".

but i cant create the "app_patch" since when i point out the location of the msi-pakage for this zenworks msi-application it fails to be created since there is some problem with the msi.
so instead of putting it in a zenworks msi-application i put it in the bat-script that runs thru the runas-vb-script. but the problem to use an external instance of a cmd-promt is that the dependency chian continues right after it has started the vb-script and go on and start the application.
so meanwhile it start the application (from the local disk, under program files) it removes the addon app_addon2 and install the patch thru the vb-script.
so, it removes an addon and install a patch meanwhile the program is running, not good?

so my question is, is there someway to run a vb-script within zenworks and open a new instance of a cmd-prompt within zenworks as adminsitrator?
i guess not?
but it scares me that novell of all, havnt implanted this method as a standard feature?
somebody can maybe explain why they havnt?

Sorry for the messy explaination, hope someone will understand my blablabla :)