iPrint was working well on OES2. Then I've updated to SP1 (and all patches
from Novell chanell). Now it crashed almost every day! Since a couple of
"ps -ax | grep iprint" shows iprintgw as defunct (ipsmd is not defunc)
/var/log/messages shows nothing
ipsmd.log shows nothing
iprintgw.log is empty!
only apache error_log shows that something ist wrong:
[Fri May 15 11:14:20 2009] [warn] IPP Operation
error=SRVR_ERR_TEMPORARY_ERR, operation=Print Job

[Fri May 15 11:15:50 2009] [warn] IPP Operation
error=SRVR_ERR_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE, operation=Get Printer Attributes

Restart of novell-ipsmd helps, but every day ...

Can I debug somehow ipsmd or iprintgw?

Thank you